Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I've been stressed lately. I'm going back to India, and there is a lot of things I need to take care of before I go. Bills need to be paid, furniture needs to be moved, roommates needed to be found. And that was my biggest concern. Finding roommates. I couldn't leave without finding someone to replace me and I have at least 40 weird emails from people off craigslist. For those of you have haven't ever used craigslist. It's a very dark and ghetto place, don't wander there unless you absolutely NEED to.
I short listed people and got a few who sounded decent to come see the house and I was pretty disappointed. So basically I was leaving in 4 days, hadn't found a person to take my place, was broke as fuck because I was stupid enough to trust someone with my money, and very very high and just constantly stressed.
Well, yesterday a couple came in to see the house. And everything worked out so perfectly that we smoked a joint together to seal the deal. And I took that famous sigh of relief. And I've honestly never felt this good. And then it suddenly became funny to me. I was so worked up over something that didn't need it at all. It wouldn't be the end of the world even if I didn't find someone. Or if I found a weirdo. And it all worked out so well that we didn't even have to go with a weirdo. And the simplicity of solutions that our problems have just amazed me.
I've never had any responsibilities, so I've never had to deal with stuff like this. It's the big world out here and there is 37658 things you need to take care of just to exist. And I feel absolutely great when I take care of some of those things because I feel like I'm not a complete dependent failure.
So basically, I finally feel better. And I'm going back home in 4 fucken days and IM SO EXCITED

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