Sunday, May 22, 2011


You know sometimes you feel very unlike yourself. Different. Act in ways you didn't act before. You tell yourself you have changed. That it is a part of growing up. But sometimes it just isn't. Sometimes it just so happens that you have forgotten who you used to be & how much you loved being that person.
I used to be what people call 'bubbly'. I use to be over-talkative & over-social & loud & all that. & then in the last couple of months I changed. Drastically. I stayed home. Watched FRIENDS & Bones & Glee & Gossip Girl && PLL & oh you get the point. I facebooked & omegle-d & tumblr-d & blogged. I had more of a life online than offline. I don't know what caused this change. What made me a depressed bundle of self pity but something did. & I could tell that people didn't like the change.
But I told myself that I don't live to please these people & I am who I am. I was wrong. My friends didn't walk away because I had changed. They still stuck by me. Loved me. But it was easy to tell that they missed the person I used to be.
& then sometimes, the smallest things remind you of what you were && what you should be. I blogged so much because writing always helped me to express myself better. Apparently, it didn't.
My best friend told me that I had lost my 'muchness'. It was a reference from Alice in Wonderland & I didn't quite get it back then. Now I do. I had lost the quality of me being me. The things that made me who I was. What made me stand out. He also said that I'm the most ordinary chick in the world. But that is what makes me special. That everyone else is trying to hard to be different that being ordinary is cool :P [I think you're rather smart, Sid :D]
I used to be impulsive & stupid & always getting into trouble & had cursed luck. So I started controlling myself. Thinking more, analyzing more, trying to abide by rules. Not making any mistakes. Not falling into trouble. That didn't really help. But being pessimistic was easier. I didn't have to deal with disappointment. I spent a lot of time thinking. That isn't always a good thing.
I was reminded a few days ago of who I used to be. How much fun it was to get into trouble & get out of it & not remember it the next day.
I had someone from the past come into my life. It was someone who had a major part in my life. I knew this person for 5 days. Or two years. I don't know. Its complicated. It isn't really. Its just something that goes with the flow. But then I'm dedicating a whole other post to that.
The point is that this person somehow convinced me that I deserve better than what I am giving myself. That I am an awesome person & I'm young & I shouldn't think so much & just be myself.
I think I just regained my muchness. Maybe it was the influence of this particular person. Maybe it was just time, I just want to say thank you, HZ :)

"The quarterlife experience is so often about losing your muchness. We lose direction, we lose passion, we lose focus, we lose sanity…but the best people are mad, you know. This version of Alice in Wonderland reminds us that sometimes we lose our muchness and that it often takes a journey to get it back."

You can tell Jesus, the bitch is back XD - My favorite, favorite quote from Gossip Girl :P

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Have you ever felt completely helpless? Like nothing you do in your life is under your control. Your parents, your friends, circumstances decide what way your life will go. & no matter how hard you try to fight it there always seems like there is nothing you can do.
& then one day, just some small thing pushes you off the edge. & then you cry & cry. You cry for yourself, & for the people dying in Japan & for yourself & the kids starving in Africa & then you curl up into this bundle of self-pity & get consumed by depression.
That happens to me. & now with the board pressure & everything, I happens more often than usual.
I miss my mom more than ever. I hate my dad's girlfriend even though she is nothing but nice to me. I hate my face. I hate my dad. I hate my friends. I'm such a loathing cynical piece of shit.
It makes me sick. I make me sick. The way I act like a bitch. The way I procrastinate. The way I fuck things up.
& I realise what I'm doing. & I realise the consequences. But I'll still just sit here & not do anything to make things right.
This is just a pointless rant of me admitting to myself once again about how stupid I am >.<

I found this on the internet -.-

This is what I found - 

This is what I did O:)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Comebacks to use when Voldemort says he is going to kill you x)

1. "What did I ever do to y..oh, nevermind."

2. "Oh, ha ha, you got me!! Am I on Punk'd? Where's the camera guy, huh? Where!?"

3. "Wow, you're even dumber than you look, and that's saying something. What kind of idiot tells their victim what they're about to do?! I'm ready for you now!!" *Prepare yourself by getting into various Matrix positions, beckon him with one finger*

4. "And she's all 'F.Y.I., he's so into me and not you.' and I'm all 'Yeah, right, whatever.'... Oh, I'm sorry! Did you say something?"

5. "Why do you have to be so mean?!" *produce fake tears and throw a tantrum*

6. "Uh, I'm not here right now. Please leave a message after the beep. BEEEP!!!" *take off running*

7. *cackle with laughter* "You sound like a girl! Hey honey, come listen to this guy talk!"

8. "My dear snake-man, I must say your manners are quite poor. I have just the thing!" *put on record and sing along* 'Please - say - please - and - thank you for saying thank you!'

9. "Are you a joke? Clearly you're a joke!"

10. "I'm sensing some self-confidence problems. I hear they have an excellent psychiatric ward at St. Mungo's...and while you're there, maybe you could have them do something about your nose."

11. "Oh yeah, and you've told Harry that how many times now? I'm soooooo scared!" 

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

If Cinderella's Shoe Fit Perfectly, Then Why Did It Fall Off >.< ?

From Philosophers Stone to the Deathly Hallows.

Notice :

As you may have noticed I changed my blog URL from rantingsofatypicalteendramaqueen.blogspot to heartyhippogriffs.blogspot.
Well sorry for the inconvenience. I just thought rantingsblahblah was too long & slightly stupid :P
Sorry, again :D


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dear Ugly People, You're Welcome. Love, Photoshop.

Have faith in your dreams && someday your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep believing, the dream that you wish will come true. - Cinderella

Because sometimes its just easier to believe in magic and happy-endings. (:


&& Twilight taught me that :
1. Pedophilia isn't that bad.
2. Biting your lip and shaking your head constantly is attractive.
3. All werewolves are Native Americans.
4. The phases of mitosis.
5. Stalking someone is a romantic gesture.

Oh && how can I forget.
Rebecca Black taught me the days of the week :D 

I think I found my soulmate. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hi :)
Its your birthday :D
Haaaappppyyy Birthdaaay.
I love you so much (:
Thanks for all the times you've been there. For all the times you heard me cry. & flattered me. & made me popular on SF. & came over for nariyal paani. && the TRICEPS XD
I miss you. Even though I see you so often. But its okay :P
I'm not gonna get all senti. I can't :P I have to go study x(
But I just wanted to say HAAAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAAAY :D

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yes, I know I'm supposed to be studying && I said I won't be posting often but these are so epic , I couldn't help myself!

Kung Fu Gland B)

A circus invaded my work space :( Apologies. 

Me too xD

Not slain yet? :/


Mathematics. AGAIN?!

Patrick Star ^_^