Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Moment of the day

It's so funny that I keep giving myself excuses for not writing when honestly I'm just a really fucking lazy person. Like it's a disease. Maybe it's just pot but lets not go there.
The point is that when inspiration strikes you can't deny it.
So today I was coming home from work. I was at the InOrbit signal and this beggar kid was forcing me to buy funeral flowers and I really didn't want to. I do have sympathy for every poor kid in India, . I do what I can, when I can. But shit is shady I don't wanna be secretly funding some kid abducting agency or wtv. SO ANYWAY. The signal was red and they've put this new street light on the inorbit side road it's really bright. And there's guys there who also sell bubble makers. Not even the cheap film-roll-box ones anymore, they have intense stuff. And you know how it is, when stock comes there's like 5 of them selling the same thing. So there's like 5 bubble people, at the stopped signal, blowing bubbles in the traffic and it was so surreal. Picture this okay. Annoying traffic, need to pee, wanna get home. And suddenly from everywhere there's just bubbles dancing around. Rising, then descending. The light hitting them and seeing the spectrum in the soap.
Like it felt like a Disney movie, only this is Malad. But I got the feels, it was really beautiful and I wish you all could see it. It was cool.
Alright thats it, lets hope this happens more often. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee