Friday, November 4, 2011

Making the right choice.

Okay so you know sometimes you read novels where something utterly stupid happens but the author/character derives a deep significant meaning from it & you're like WTF? Where did this come from? But it just does :3
Yeah. That just happened to me. So this is going to sound completely stupid. But guess what? This is my blog :d & I'm allowed to sound completely stupid :D
So. I have this cutlery holder. Its just this cup like thing on my dining table where we keep all the forks & spoons. So I made myself Maggi & I was going to get me a fork. So I have like a bunch of forks that are new & look alike. & then there are these few odd forks from here & there. So I probably have like 10 of the new cool forks. & 4 of the old odd forks & somehow, every time I randomly pick up a fork its an old fork. Which in my opinion, is quite against the rules of probability.  So today when I picked up an old fork I was like "Why do I always get the odd fork? >.<"
& then I realised, maybe if I wasn't trying so hard to get a cool fork. Or if I wasn't bothered what motherfucking fork it was & just eat my food I wouldn't be so troubled.
So what the deep insightful meaning was was that Stop trying to look for things. For perfection. Let things happen to you. Trust yourself. Your choices. & decisions. & make mistakes. Pick the wrong fork every once in a while. & don't care about what motherfucking fork it is & enjoy your meal ^_^
K. Gotta go eat my maggi! Bye :*