Sunday, October 11, 2015

7 Billion People In This World

Mostly a note to myself but so is most of this blog so what the hell
There is a lot of fucking people in this world. Living in Mumbai is a constant reminder of that fact. Sometimes life seems so insignificant here. Sometimes, The Humans of Bombay posts and comments seem quite pretentious. These stories literally happen everywhere around us? Have these people never really looked around at all? Is the middle and upper middle class so self involved and ignorant that a Facebook post will make them feel but the reality around them won't? I guess it's not their fault. It's hard to focus on every thing that is going on when you step out on the street. We live in chaos. Everyone fends for themselves. And sometimes, human life seems really insignificant. I already said that but I'm trying to make a point here.
Growing up, everyone thinks they're special. You have a future ahead of you with limitless possibilities and you're not yet completely aware of your capabilities and the harshness of the world around you. You have hope. Hope that you might find the cure to cancer. Hope that you might become that teen pop sensation you believe you are. Hope that you will fall in love comfortably and beautifully. Hope that you will be able to give your parents the life they deserve. Growing up doesn't necessarily mean losing hope. But it almost always does. It goes without saying that we live in a corrupt capitalist world and the baby boomers destroyed the economy and global warming is gonna kill us all. But more than the technical factors it's just the realisation that almost everyone around you is average. That they don't have the cure to cancer, or that they will fall in love beautifully but it will end in a bitter divorce. That with the good, comes the bad. And that life isn't fair. Severus Snape said that.
Growing up also means having to make decisions. Real decisions. Decisions that will affect your life. You have to start thinking about the dreaded 'future'. It can weigh you down. The pressure of knowing and doing and being content.
Beating yourself up is never the answer. You're the only one you've got for the long run. I learned that the hard way. Make yourself happy. Think positive thoughts. Literally just ignore the bad, let it build up whatever you ain't got time for that. Do what makes you happy. Don't be afraid to be happy. Be grateful. Always look at the bright side, the silver lining, the cup half full. Learn. Take the bad as a lesson. Even if it seems cruel. Try to grow from it. People don't say this shit for no reason. Even if it is just a defence mechanism. Let the pain make you stronger. Live a badass life just to take revenge on the world if you must. Whatever motivates you do get out of bed and do what you love and makes you happy is alright. As long as it's not like killing people for fun that's fucked up.
And last but certainly not least, don't lose hope. Keep that hopeful 16 year old who believed that she could take over the world. Maybe I can't be a teen pop sensation anymore, but it's never too late to just be a pop sensation.
I'm just snape snape snape snape snape snape it off snape it off