Friday, April 26, 2013


This person has nagged me for a post forever and I just haven't gotten to it. Not because she's not important heck she's the only person whose been on my top 5 people list for 3 years consecutively. But with her I don't know where to start and where to end. I don't even remember life before I met her. She's just as far from being perfect as I am. And knowing this we are just comfortable judgmental assholes. We know what really matters, food, tumblr and Internet fame. And we have all three so we're literally celebrities in our minds. We're potatoes and we're so lazy idk how we ever manage to get out of bed to hang out but it works. She is just my best fucken friend and we like to have company while we hate on how dumb the world is. She's just too big a part of my life to be put into text posts. I write about things. About feelings. About deeper meanings. But our friendship is just so simple. but its not a thing. its like a feeling. i feel her, literally. not not literally. We have had our fare share of drama but we're just so in sync that our friendship has always been the thing you can run to from bad things. We're both awkward as fuck so we can do much to be comforting but we are together on a more spiritual level.
Voldemophobia is a huge fucken part of my life and we're partners there. We're like Brennan and booth. Like Shawn and Gus. Like shaggy and scooby. Like jack and Alex. Lets face it 60% of the reason we're friends is our unconditional love for ATL.
I just really look forward to seeing you and being everyday best friends again cuz I've really really missed you.

Moment of the day

Okay so this isn't today's moment it happened a couple of days ago but still
So my friend likes my friend Sergio and he likes her back and we've all been acting like love gurus and they went on their first date and we were all so excited but we like picking on them cuz Sergio's only in high school ad Khadija graduated high school early so she like just turned 18 so we were like be back by like 7pm latest don't mess with my girl/boy mister/me.

They came back hand in hand and it was so cute I could gag. So we obviously being the high motherfuckers we are day them down and decided to give them the talk. Found a condom and asked Sergio to cover it. I'm like we're older and wiser so listen to me and Sergio's like Noopur you haven't even had sex yet and it was just the funniest fucking conversation ever. Saumil was recording it and shiva was going into gruesome care advice and I fucking just love my life and friends right now. It's just such a content feeling that I'm with such wonderful people in such a beautiful world and all that I want to fucking convert to Buddhism

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I've been stressed lately. I'm going back to India, and there is a lot of things I need to take care of before I go. Bills need to be paid, furniture needs to be moved, roommates needed to be found. And that was my biggest concern. Finding roommates. I couldn't leave without finding someone to replace me and I have at least 40 weird emails from people off craigslist. For those of you have haven't ever used craigslist. It's a very dark and ghetto place, don't wander there unless you absolutely NEED to.
I short listed people and got a few who sounded decent to come see the house and I was pretty disappointed. So basically I was leaving in 4 days, hadn't found a person to take my place, was broke as fuck because I was stupid enough to trust someone with my money, and very very high and just constantly stressed.
Well, yesterday a couple came in to see the house. And everything worked out so perfectly that we smoked a joint together to seal the deal. And I took that famous sigh of relief. And I've honestly never felt this good. And then it suddenly became funny to me. I was so worked up over something that didn't need it at all. It wouldn't be the end of the world even if I didn't find someone. Or if I found a weirdo. And it all worked out so well that we didn't even have to go with a weirdo. And the simplicity of solutions that our problems have just amazed me.
I've never had any responsibilities, so I've never had to deal with stuff like this. It's the big world out here and there is 37658 things you need to take care of just to exist. And I feel absolutely great when I take care of some of those things because I feel like I'm not a complete dependent failure.
So basically, I finally feel better. And I'm going back home in 4 fucken days and IM SO EXCITED

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Moment of the day - how being just me is okay

Okay so it's my best friend in the USA Tiffany's birthday. She was quite down and we had no plans and I was broke because I used the last of my money on a beautiful purse that I just HAD to get. So anyway I couldn't give her any money happiness so Saumil and Adham came up with the idea to drive Saumil's truck to a vista point where you can see the whole of San Francisco from and chill in the back of the truck with our blankets and a joint and we were on our way there and I was thinking about how excited I'm to do perfectly normal things back home and it made me homesick to a point where I felt physically nauseous and it sucks but I'm going back soon and it made me happy that I have something to miss its amazing that I have so many people and places and things I love halfway across the world and that is a beautiful thing

Friday, April 12, 2013

Moment of the day - Strawberries are awesome

My friend Saumil works for his uncle and they regularly smoke together. Tiffany is invited too, sometimes. But I'd never met Saumil's uncle so I wasn't. Today, I was. So I met this uncle who is 42 years old, is a professional chef like with certificates and awards and million dollar contacts and buys weed by the kilo. So basically he has food and weed two basic needs of an average college student in california yes, we chilled with him. And it was a very fun evening and I'd go into the depths of that but thats not a moment. so I'm going to stick to the point. I was very high cuz his joints were humungous and i was like asdfghjkl and i ate a 1 ounce cookie and i was pretty fucked and I was on the verge of a very bad trip and Saumil's uncle asked if I wanted anything to eat and then said they have everything because we were in the back of his restaurant. So he offered strawberries and oh my god it immediately made everything so much brighter. so there I was sitting, eating my strawberries. And honestly, I've never been happier.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moment of the day

So my friend Saumil likes my friend Tiffany and Tiffany doesn't like him back but they're like best friends and there's constant drama going on because of these feelings
So today we were at Quicky's and if you've ever been to Quicky's you understand when I say that they take FOREVER to get your order to you. So we're sitting there and Saumil and Tiffany aren't talking and no ones talkin and we're just sitting in silence and then Saumil pulls out a lighter and Tiffany is like "can I have my lighter back?" And he like throws it to her and he'd be acting like a dick in general but he's a nice guy he's just hurting and that's his way of coping. So yeah he throws it and they start arguing about the fucking lighter and it somehow leads to Tiffany telling Saumil he's smoking too much and I'm just being pulled in every now and then by either one of them to back them up but I'm just sitting there and then one thing leads to another and Tiffany just dramatically gets up to get her food and Saumil dramatically gets up and exist out the door. Then he realizes he forgot his jacket so he comes back to grab it and in the process of being dramatic an angry he drops the fucking chair and then has to pick it up and I'm just sitting there an I can't hold it anymore and I just laugh. Laugh at how ridiculous every stupid thing we get worked up over is. Laugh at how messed up and complicated relationships can get. Laugh about it because laughing just makes things easier.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Moment of the day

okay so this may seem completely irrelevant but this made me happy so well
so my friends and i were going for lunch and we were craving quiznos and once we got there we saw this little asian salon with like $20 haircuts and i was complaining, just the other day, about how my head feels too heavy and i need to go bald and my friend tiffany was like you just need a haircut. so anyway i was like yay haircut and shes like im turning 21 next week and i have to go to a wedding this weekend i want a haircut too. ive NEVER trusted a random person with my hair EVER. like i went to the same salons for years back home. maybe switched and switched back but the same like 6 salons with the same stylists. anyway so we let asian women [not being racist i swear just stereotyping] cut our hair and i swear to god my head felt like a fucking cloud i loved it. 
tiffany' hair is shorter on one side but i guess it was worth it

oh and also i went shopping today and i was a little high so i felt very in control and i needed to buy a book bag because school starts tomorrow and i fell in love with this steve madden bag and that is probably the most ive ever spent on a bag but the shopaholic glory is totally worth it

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Moment of the day

Okay so I know I didn't post one yesterday but I can't force myself to blog it should be inspired so don't judge yes I procrastinate
Okay so today we smoked a joint on the Golden Gate Bridge and lived the fucking California dream and then we were in the car going towards the bay bridge and my friend Tiffany's boy Irving called. Now Irving and Tiffany would totally be dating If he didn't live 4 hours away. So he calls and he's like "I'm in San Francisco! Come see me!" And she's like "no way I'm in San Francisco too!" So we made plans to meet and Tiffany was so excited she lost her voice and so I decided we should roll our windows down and scream "MERRY CHRISTMAS" at random strangers. Some even yelled back. And then we wanted to to pee so we went to a gas station which directed us to a 24/7 laundromat for a bathroom and we sweet talked the laundromat guy to let us pee and he even gave us a brand new roll of toilet paper. Now we're on our way to City Nights. My favorite club in San Francisco. The last time I went it happened to be gay night and I got hit on by a lesbian. Good times.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Moment of the day

Okay today I was with Safeway with too of my roommates and we were walking out and I just felt this profound moment. We were a bunch of college kids in our pajamas and flip flops walking out of Safeway with our groceries that only include chips, bread and coco puffs with our sunglasses on to hide how high we are and we're pushing the cart to the car and we only paid for one milk when we bought two so we basically stole milk
Okay I just moved in with a couple of friends and I've been living college life to the extreme since I have. I stay in pajamas all day and go out only to smoke weed. Yeah I've never mentioned that here except mention that I'm blogging under the influence but I'm going to talk about it more freely now. I'm still a little teenager at heart but I love drugs they make me see beauty and I love it so yeah I just wanted to make my life situation clear. I love with a bunch of guys from school they treat me like a little sister and know I have a girlfriend so it's nothing romantic with any one of them and I couldn't be more grateful for how things are next post is my moment of the day
So I've decided to this thing called moment of the day
I will post about one moment everyday that makes me smile and be happy and I inspires me to blog
This will be good for my mental health right now and make me update my blog more and if you read this and think it would be a fun thing to do, do it and link your moment in my ask or in comments and we can talk about it if you'd like