Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Wedding.

At weddings, when everyone turns to see the bride enter, I turn to look at the groom. Sure, I’m curious about how the bride looks. Whether she has let her hair down, or tied it up? Is her dress pretty? Her shoes? But I keep my anxiety under control and look at the groom. The look on his face. It is either pure happiness, joy , love, lust sometimes. Even pain or sorrow . He’d wear it only once in his entire life. The day the love of his life becomes his .

It was a cold January morning . I was dressed in a light pink strapless dress , my hair let down . I was really happy about the way I looked. I couldn’t say the same about how I felt . It was HIS wedding after all. I don’t know why I was there anyway. I was feeling nauseous and I was staring at the floor and I wanted to run away. But I didn’t move. I sat there. I looked up slightly as the flower girls entered . I caught a glimpse of him . He looked plenty happy . He was the most gorgeous groom I had ever seen. He was the most gorgeous guy , actually . His Greek god looks, his lean body , his piercing green eyes, the dimples when he smiled. I stared at the floor again . I had a floating feeling , the butterflies in my stomach exploded . Just like they always did when he was around. But this wasn’t that. These butterflies turned into a knot in my stomach. It hurt. The floating feeling made me want to throw up .

I had imagined this before. His wedding. This was exactly how I had dreamt. Only I would be behind the door, wearing the gorgeous white dress , ready to read the vows and promise to spend my entire life with him . But somewhere we went wrong. We were once so strong ..

The maid of honor made her way to the altar. My stomach churned . Out of habit. Or curiosity. Whatever you term it as, I looked up. I couldn’t help it. I saw all the heads turning to the back, to look at the ravishing bride .

I looked forward . At the groom . The groom who was the love of MY life. Who I had planned on spending forever with . I lifted my gaze and met his .

And to my utter surprise , found him looking at me .