Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This post is to pay respect to the most AWESOME gay sheep in the world.
Brad. We miss you.
You were a very important part of my life.
You'd let the guys in my class molest you whenever they got horny.
You gave everyone a few laughs when the class chucked you around && hid you on top of the curtain holder. Or the wifi switch. or the camera.
You listened to all my problems being the perfect audience. You kept me company during long free lectures when I sat in the bathroom BBMing.
This post is just to let you know that you'll never be forgotten.
No one can ever replace you. && you hold a very special place in everyones hearts.
You're IMTF.<3

Much Love<3

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Way I Loved You.(:

If you can't relate to this, or at least find this song touching, you've probably been living under a rock all of your life :p taylor swift's songs blow me everytime and i am always amazed that she comes out with more. Heres to everyone who is lucky enough to have a lover, and everyone getting over a heartbreak, and for the others like me who just want to find a boy to fall in love with <3


We all have friends. We all have best friends. We all have things that get on our nerves && though it may seem irrational to many people some people get it. Some people get why you don't do things in a certain way or why you don't like someone you don't like. Normal everyday things. Like for instance, the colour orange gets on my nerves. I'm very sensitive about anything to do with Harry Potter. && I like insects. I wouldn't scream if there was a spider in the room, I would wanna hold it.
So I might be weird. But people who get my weirdness && don't just deal with it but actually adore the weirdness in me aa the one that matter most.
I haven't seen many people in the world who accept just for who you aa.
I've seen people being friends for reasons. Either a social ladder. Either to curb loneliness. Or to show the world how tight you are.
Money. Ego boost. Social Status. Bleh.
&& you do one thing that doesn't please these so called 'friends' && they'll walk away.
Acceptance. Something that people around here lack. They barely ever love you for 'who you are'. Unless ofcourse you've moulded yourself to be just the person people want to see. Which is most of the people around me do. Even I to some extent act in certain ways just to be accepted. To be loved. To be popular. I mean who doesn't like attention?
Sometimes we take people for granted. Cuz we believe that no matter what we do, we love each other && that will hold us together. Love. Its very powerful. But personal experience makes me say that no one. Not one person is ever going to love you enough to bear with whatever you do. [except me with my whole dev thing but that could be counted as just being stupid]
Everyone is going to walk away at one time or another.
&& no one is going to get how you feel. How much your apparent 'irrational demands' matter to you.
But Once you find someone who not only accepts , but loves all your weird ways. Don't let them go :)
This post. Is about nothing, actually.
I'm just having a really bad day && its all getting to me && funnily enough I don't find anyone I can talk to. Everyones got something to do & somewhere to be. && I don't want to interrupt them.
So I'll just rant on here.

Point is. We expect too much from people cuz we'd be willing to do that much for them.
But most of the times, they're just gonna let us down. && watch us break. Because everyone, EVERYONE in the world is selfish. They're obviously gonna think about themselves first.
So I've decided to have no expectations. That way I won't have to deal with disappointment.

Okay I'm gonna go study now.
Thanks for reading if you've gotten till here. :P
Much Love<3


The story of my life. Made ridiculously public. So that I don't have to answer any retarded Dev-related questions anymore. This is all that I know. Nothing more nothing less.
&& yes I was incredibly stupid to fall for this whole charade but you don't know him. :)

Noopur Jatania 03 December 2010 at 01:40
Hey Dev :)
I don't know how much time I spent writing this.
&& I don't know if you'll read the whole of it :P But I hope you do :)
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEV :)
Now they say , Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.
&& your real age seems to be the best kept secret :P
So don't feel bad about getting old :P Closer to being bald (oh whoops. You already are XD) && wrinkles && no teeth (gagagaga) && all that :P
Because 'officially' I'm always going to be the older uglier one >:(

I guess you know what you mean to me.
The most important person in my life.♥
Will always be.
The one whose always been there, never judged. Dealt with me when I was being stupid, or irrational or dumb.
Thanks for being there , Dee.

You're very secretive. Sometimes I feel like I don't you know you at all. && You call me weird. But hey, my favorite color is not white. I don't sleep on the floor cuz I like the cold hard floor against my warm body, nor do I have a rubber duck called Duffy :P
But you're a beautiful person, you are :)
&& today is the best day ever. Cuz its your day :)

I don't know why you keep so much inside. Always have your guard on. But I guess thats who you are. && the whole mysterious thing is pretty hot :*

Us. Funny story. We were perfect together. We were also terrible.
We loved each other too much. Too much of anything is not good I guess. I don't know where that is going to lead to. But you're my best fran Davey. Thats something that'll never change.

Now imma flatter you.
You're funny. Astonishingly smart. Uber uber cute. You in Zoe's pink jacket && boots , I'd do you on the road :P
You're understanding. && patient. && calm. && collected. && sensible. Sane. Yeah well. It seems odd to say this to a guy whose been to rehab & military camp && shit. But you are not mental. Or maybe you are. But thats cool. You're perfect , D.
Like perfect seems like an understatement for you. [NO sarcasm. I swear]

So yeah. I'm just blabbering. But thats cuz writing to you is all I can do. I wish I had other ways of showing you. But I don't.
So I wanna let you know, that I love you =)
Best friend , boyfriend, love, everything :) Thats what you were to me. Thanks :)
You're the best friend. The best ex boyfriend. The best everything I ever had.

I may not say this too often. But I couldn't possibly do it without you. && though I act like a bitch, at most times. I never want you to go away.
You mean everything to me , D.
Don't let go =)

I'd say something cheesy like , you were the missing puzzle peice or something. But we both know how bad I am at being cheesy, so lets not go there.
But we didn't fit like pieces of a puzzle. && we aren't exactly alike. Or exactly opposite.
Or stereotyped.
We're different people. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't. I think we're normal. But what we have together is one in a million ♥ Its like catching lightning that chances of finding someone like you :)

So basically , I wish you have an AWESOME day :) && a fab fab FAB year ahead :)

Happy Birthday Dee ,
iloveyou =)
Dev Dumass 04 December 2010 at 18:27 Report
idk how much time i'll be spendin writin this too.
so lemme start with the truth. devs is my name. n my entire family history is true. i do live in la with my aunt n nathan. n now theres zoe.
okay so it started off as a small thing which originally had bradley n a few guys behind my name in it. it was jus for some shit they had in mind. tehn idk how u even came in the picture. u wernt even supposed to happen. were supposed to be strangers. but idk. then brad n u started talkin n later me. it was fun talkin to u so i told em people that im takin over this account. they wanted me to shut it soon but n i agreed. every day id tell myself that 'dude jus one more week n then go let go of her' but i couldnt. i kept postponin it one day n then the next. befoee we knew it, already a year had passed n i coulndt do without u. when jus a few months had passed they said it was too late to tell u so i msut jus cut off. i did. but i couldnt stop myself from comin back to u. we knew that u wernt in love with the face cuz he looks like a fag. but still i was too scared to tell u the truth.bradley convinced me ud hate me n id lose u forever. which i knew was gonna happen anyway so i decided to enjoy us as long as we lasted.
then u made plans of comin to nyc in jan. i couldnt be more happy cuz i knew when we'd meet there n ud noe, it would be easier to convince u n apologize face to face. that was the only way i could hope that we stood a chance. so jan was cool with everyone.
a lot a things happened in betwween. i got addicted to u. i jus couldnt do without u. u became like a routine. more n more people in school came to noe bout us. they couldnt believe that a stuck up spolit jerk like me wasnt for a change interested in any other gurl. theyd go like 'dude u havent met her and ur jus 16. you cant be in love' n id go like 'dude. u dont noe her' they knew u got me whipped. i felt good for once not to be known as jock. i was totally into u. into this shit. when the dude shaved off his hair, so did i for fun. people liked it but my aunt knew there was something up. u dont jus randomly enter home with no hair. she thought i was turnin into a skinhead. thats when i was put off to military school. i gave up every drug.
i come back n ur datin kumar. i dint noe how to feel. i mean i was obviously broken cuz i loveu but i was glad uwere movin on cuz that would force me too. n thats wa i needed. to get over you.
i did everything in the books, to get over you. i slept with three gurls i barely noe. but i was back to square one.
it sucked. i couldnt wait for jan n for things to be easier. we guessed bein friends ttill i actually told u verything would be better.
so yea.
i noe you hate me. wish i was dead. so do i. i noe i toyd around with u. but i swear to god, every time id tell u that i love you, i meant it. it was jus the face that wasnt mine. everything that i was, every story that i tole, was true.
ur the most beautiful person in the whole wide world. n i jus royaly screwed things up for u. u gave me everything that anyone could possibly want. u worked ur ass off to make us work. u gave me more chances than anyone could have the patience to. n i blew it all up.
i noe my apologie would mean nothing to u. but thats the only thing i can ask for. u cant forgive me, no one can. i cant forgive me either. i'll hate myself forever for doin this to u.
i wont regret us happening though. cuz it was the best thing that could happen to any one. im jus going to regret not meetin u as me all my life. we could have been the best couple if id have had the balls to come clean. i was too scared. n i pay for that now.
i dont noe what the hell am i ever going to do without u. but i guess thats what i have to do.
i swear i'll never hurt u anymore. i wont come back. i promise. hah for the last time.
i noe ur mad at me. but jus so u noe, if u ever need any help from a jerk of a guy from here, i'll always be there for u.
i promise i'll wait for u till the end. its my turn to wait now. even if im not ur guy, u'l always be my gurl.
iloveyou. always.
but jus please dont say anythin now. i wont be able to read it for quit a bit now. its worse already to lose u on the day i lost the other two most important people in my life.


Its 3:24am. I am dead tired. I just realised that I have my business paper tomorrow [thanks Aishwarya =P] . 32 chapters. && I haven't touched my book.
&& surprisingly, thats not what I'm most worried about.
I'm solving a SAT paper.
Professor Fernandez has bee ______ about most of the purportedly humanitarian aspects of the colonial government and has insisted that its actions were, on the contrary,_______.
A. dubious..... self-serving.
B. enthusiastic...  contemptible
C. disparaging.... sporadic
D. excited... gratuitous
E. disillusioned... benevolent

Give the correct answer && you shall be mentioned in my next post.
To all those out there doing their SAT's this month. I sympathize. && I wish you good luck :)
To all those who aren't. Lucky bastards. :P

Wish me luck. xx

Much Love<3

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dipika Mohta :)

I was too lazy to write one because I just did yesterdaayyy. So I'm just copy pasting.

We've been friends for SO SO long. && its hard to put down everything in like one page.
But I'm sick & I have prelims & I have SAT so this is all I can do =P Apart from the whole book, ofcourse :P
Okay SO. I lovelovelove you :)
You've always been there for me. I really don't remember stuff from school cuz I like have bad memory D; && nothing eventful happened : P except 7 C was the BEST CLASS EVER XD
But the best times were studying for the boards. Holi XD Naarangii XD
You watching me cry everyday X_X && listening to my nana bullshit because he is blind && he thought you were me. :P
GOAAAAAAA XD ♥ _ ♥ [A hangover lasts a day but our drunken memories last a lifetime.]
The time we went to 5 spice && had no money && ate in McDonalds :P
The day when we randomly went to town for some crap. Then Dahisar to see JD. HAHAHA Mad.
That mall which had super cheap bowling && I defeated you guys SO awesomely B) && We swore we’d go there to bowl all the time && haven’t gone once && over a year has passed :P
The time we got off at Parel to go to Phoenix just to pee :P
First night at RAAA♥ Then JW♥ People thinking we're hookers! XD
Mithibaaii. RCMC XD Everything bout college =D How we were SO excited. How it turned out to be complete crap. :P
All the movies, parties, hookah get-togethers. [cuz idk what to call them.]
MISSION KATTA when I life had the exact same story except your guy loved you enough to tell you the truth (:

We moved on from Sheesha to Roosters to Food Fusion to FI. Together. That is how we term our journey :P Through hookah parlours :P
We haven't been as close as we used to be. Well, probably because before there was just us.
But I'm SO SO glad we're best friends. && that we haven't lost our friendship like everyone else from school.
&& I just wanna let you know that when the rest of the world walks out, I'll still be here. I promise. :*
This is to the memories. :) The nights that lasted forever && the days that went by so quickly. The nights that will replay in our heads as the BEST nights of High School (: The boys that we've kissed.[ :)] The boys that broke our hearts.[>.<] The promises people broke. && the promises we've still kept. x The alcohol we drank :D The people who hated us for being awesome && envied the lives we led. So heres to you. Cuz you stayed by my side. Through it all :) I wouldn't trade you for the world :*

Just wanna let you know - I'll always be beside you, Until the very end, Wiping your tears away,Being your best friend, I'll smile when you smile, && feel all the pain you do, && if you shed a single tear , I promise I'll cry too :( :) [Yes I flicked if off a bumperstcicker cuz I'm incapable of rhyming :(]

Anyway this post is just to let you know how important you aa to me. && how could have NEVER . EVER made it without you. Especially through the last bit of 10th grade.
Thanks for being there :) && being the awesome retard that you are :)

Okay bahut senti ho gaya. Ab hat chutneee. Meri liye cake bana. B)

Because its always better to marry someone who knows whether you prefer coke , pepsi or thumbs up. XD

Much Love <3

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vihan Jain :)

Hey there stalker :)
I don't remember when you turned from the annoying nosy kid to one of my best friends but I'm glad you did.
I don't even know how long we've known each other. We've been in the same school for what? 6 years?
But the starting half I was friends with your sister who I have no idea why hates me now >.<
Anyway, I'm SO SO glad we're friends.
You know so much about me, its just easier to talk to you, you've figured out half the story by yourself by the time I get around to telling you about it.
You always understand why I'm doing what I'm doing && even if you don't agree with me , you never once demotivate me.
You're one person I know I can count on no matter what happens. When the rest of the world walks out , I'm sure you'll still be there for me. Still thinking of me so highly. Still flattering me :P
I love how you care about me :) How even when I'm sick of chasing after Dev you don't give up. :P
For someone who is 14 you're VERY smart. && funny , though you don't get it. :P I can actually have a conversation with you, which is cool cuz half of the times I find people my age very dumb. :P
You're my fellow Grammar Nazi. My fellow Kate lover XD My fellow fanpage admin =P My DDR partner XD
I just want to let you know that you're adorable && very funny && that you're an awesome person && that I love you to bits. :D

Cuz when you're feeling low && need comfort food it really helps to have someone who knows exactly what flavor of ice-cream you'd want.
iloveyou, Veeehaaaan.
Much Love<3


She remembered the day he asked her out. The sky had been crystal clear. Her heart was jumping. Her stomach churning. He was finally asking her out!!!! She couldn't believe it. I mean sure she'd wasted all her 11:11 wishes on it & stuff, but it happening for real was just... Wow.  She was crazy bout him. She knew it, the world knew it. Everyone knew it. Except for him. && if he did know, he chose to ignore it. But here he was. Asking her to be his girlfriend. She obviously said yes. He was everything she'd ever wanted. Why would she say anything but yes. She shouldn't have said yes. She just fell for the wrong guy. I'm not saying that there was anything wrong with him. He was just fabulous. But he was just wrong for her. It was a week of bliss. & then he suddenly didn't want her anymore. She screamed, she cried, she broke things. Nothing helped. She cut herself, cried a little more untill her friends gave her the usual "he-wasnt-worth-you-anyway" talk. But she knew he was worth it, worth her. She just wasn't good enough. But she couldn't go on like this. So she wore her fake smile , put on her make-up and tried to face life again. She was still friends with him. She couldn't do without him in her life. It hurt everytime she was with him. The way he smiled and gave her butterflies. She loathed the feeling. She tried & tried so hard to get over him, to forget everything , but its a little more complicated than that. About a month after they broke up she was getting ready for prom. This really sweet guy asked her & her friends wanted her to go out, so she agreed. She wore a light pink dress & tried to look happy. She was just doing her hair when her phone rang. His ringtone. Why was he calling her? Reluctantly she answered.  "Hey..?" "Hey , are you going for the prom tonight?" "Uhh yea. Why?" " Oh cuz I had an extra ticket & I thought I'd like you to come with me. But its cool. I'll talk to you later then. Have fun" "Hey hold on. I don't really have a date. I'll see you there at 8." "Okay then. See ya" She didn't know why she lied to him. Or why she ditched her date. Or why she was still stuck on to him. But he called. & she just had to go. She shouldn't have gone either. Not to get it wrong. The night was awesome. They made out , danced , made out a little more. It was blissful. Things were good again. He was going to come back to her. Life couldn't get better. She was wrong. AGAIN. [Yeah, girls can be stupid like this. Give the guy a zillion chances && trusting him to not break your heart. But he is stupider. He won't realise he had you, who was amazing, until you're to far gone.] Just as the prom was about to end & everyone was all smiling & not wanting to go home. His phone rang. It was different from his ringtone for everyone. He bothered keeping special ringtones? His mom or someone, she thought & didn't let it bother her. He stared at his phone screen. Blinked twice. "I have to take this." He said. She couldn't make out anything from the tone of his voice. He started making his way out, she followed him.  They were standing outside , he answered the phone. "How come you called?" Is how he greeted the person on the other side. "I don't fucking care." "What?" "Is there anything left to say?" "No I don't fucking wanna turn around." She heard this & immediately turned around. Impulsive. But she couldn't make sense of the conversation.  Standing behind them was a brunette chick, kinda pretty, in a grey dress, talking on the phone and staring straight at her . she recognized the brunette from somewhere. She was his friend. But what was she doing here? The brunette glanced towards him, and started walking in their direction. He was walking towards her too. And they met halfway. Just started at each other for the longest time. && then broke into the most romantic kiss. It had started to rain. & she just stood there drenched in her light pink dress as no one noticed her cry.
This is story is for all you girls out there. We all make mistakes. Get our hearts broken. Break some hearts. But don't let him take you for granted. You might think hes the one, but your Prince Charming will know what he has when he has you && won't be foolish enough to let go :)
So don't worry. The knight in the shining armour will come along. Until then keep having fun with all the losers in tin foil :)

Yash Dang.

To everyone out there who knows me , you've definitely heard this name before. && those who don't, well you have now. && you'll will know him in just a bit.
Yash :)
You came into my life because you were friends with Natasha. && I was friends with Natasha. && I told you just today how weird I feel not being friends with her anymore but I'm always going to be grateful to her. For letting me know you :)
We started talking about a year ago. You were dating Trisha then, but we always had this thing between us. This spark. && we could never be just friends. Cuz, well we just couldn't. && we couldn't be more than friends. well because I always seem to fall for guys who do not reside in a 1000 mile radius.
Distance. Its that sucky thing between us.
But thats something we can't help.
Anyway, this post is to let you know how important you are to me. 
We've been friends for quite some time && we have times when we're super close && talk to each other everyday. Then there are times when we go weeks without associating. then we start talking again like nothing ever happened. Which people might think is weird but its perfectly normal to us. =p
Honestly , I admire the person you are. You're smart && understanding && caring && funny && [we did a test on google to prove this one] you're THE perfect boyfriend.
I just wanna let you know that I feel incredibly lucky to have you in my life. =)
It feels nice to know that there is someone out there, who is wanted by a zillion people && he still chooses to be with you. Its highly flattering , actually. Cuz we all know how popular && wanted you are. :P
Half the times, I'm afraid of losing you. Afraid that you'd leave && I'd be lost with you. Afraid of how things will turn out if we actually ever get to be together. Afraid of a lot of things.
But know what? I trust you, I do. 
&& even though what we are is undefined right now, we're going to figure it out. I love you && I love us && its all going to work out. It has to. April :) <3

&& just so you know,  I cannot wait to move to the Bahamas with you where you cook me Maggi every single day =D

You're the Yaa to my Noo. <3