Friday, January 14, 2011

Dipika Mohta :)

I was too lazy to write one because I just did yesterdaayyy. So I'm just copy pasting.

We've been friends for SO SO long. && its hard to put down everything in like one page.
But I'm sick & I have prelims & I have SAT so this is all I can do =P Apart from the whole book, ofcourse :P
Okay SO. I lovelovelove you :)
You've always been there for me. I really don't remember stuff from school cuz I like have bad memory D; && nothing eventful happened : P except 7 C was the BEST CLASS EVER XD
But the best times were studying for the boards. Holi XD Naarangii XD
You watching me cry everyday X_X && listening to my nana bullshit because he is blind && he thought you were me. :P
GOAAAAAAA XD ♥ _ ♥ [A hangover lasts a day but our drunken memories last a lifetime.]
The time we went to 5 spice && had no money && ate in McDonalds :P
The day when we randomly went to town for some crap. Then Dahisar to see JD. HAHAHA Mad.
That mall which had super cheap bowling && I defeated you guys SO awesomely B) && We swore we’d go there to bowl all the time && haven’t gone once && over a year has passed :P
The time we got off at Parel to go to Phoenix just to pee :P
First night at RAAA♥ Then JW♥ People thinking we're hookers! XD
Mithibaaii. RCMC XD Everything bout college =D How we were SO excited. How it turned out to be complete crap. :P
All the movies, parties, hookah get-togethers. [cuz idk what to call them.]
MISSION KATTA when I life had the exact same story except your guy loved you enough to tell you the truth (:

We moved on from Sheesha to Roosters to Food Fusion to FI. Together. That is how we term our journey :P Through hookah parlours :P
We haven't been as close as we used to be. Well, probably because before there was just us.
But I'm SO SO glad we're best friends. && that we haven't lost our friendship like everyone else from school.
&& I just wanna let you know that when the rest of the world walks out, I'll still be here. I promise. :*
This is to the memories. :) The nights that lasted forever && the days that went by so quickly. The nights that will replay in our heads as the BEST nights of High School (: The boys that we've kissed.[ :)] The boys that broke our hearts.[>.<] The promises people broke. && the promises we've still kept. x The alcohol we drank :D The people who hated us for being awesome && envied the lives we led. So heres to you. Cuz you stayed by my side. Through it all :) I wouldn't trade you for the world :*

Just wanna let you know - I'll always be beside you, Until the very end, Wiping your tears away,Being your best friend, I'll smile when you smile, && feel all the pain you do, && if you shed a single tear , I promise I'll cry too :( :) [Yes I flicked if off a bumperstcicker cuz I'm incapable of rhyming :(]

Anyway this post is just to let you know how important you aa to me. && how could have NEVER . EVER made it without you. Especially through the last bit of 10th grade.
Thanks for being there :) && being the awesome retard that you are :)

Okay bahut senti ho gaya. Ab hat chutneee. Meri liye cake bana. B)

Because its always better to marry someone who knows whether you prefer coke , pepsi or thumbs up. XD

Much Love <3