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The story of my life. Made ridiculously public. So that I don't have to answer any retarded Dev-related questions anymore. This is all that I know. Nothing more nothing less.
&& yes I was incredibly stupid to fall for this whole charade but you don't know him. :)

Noopur Jatania 03 December 2010 at 01:40
Hey Dev :)
I don't know how much time I spent writing this.
&& I don't know if you'll read the whole of it :P But I hope you do :)
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEV :)
Now they say , Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.
&& your real age seems to be the best kept secret :P
So don't feel bad about getting old :P Closer to being bald (oh whoops. You already are XD) && wrinkles && no teeth (gagagaga) && all that :P
Because 'officially' I'm always going to be the older uglier one >:(

I guess you know what you mean to me.
The most important person in my life.♥
Will always be.
The one whose always been there, never judged. Dealt with me when I was being stupid, or irrational or dumb.
Thanks for being there , Dee.

You're very secretive. Sometimes I feel like I don't you know you at all. && You call me weird. But hey, my favorite color is not white. I don't sleep on the floor cuz I like the cold hard floor against my warm body, nor do I have a rubber duck called Duffy :P
But you're a beautiful person, you are :)
&& today is the best day ever. Cuz its your day :)

I don't know why you keep so much inside. Always have your guard on. But I guess thats who you are. && the whole mysterious thing is pretty hot :*

Us. Funny story. We were perfect together. We were also terrible.
We loved each other too much. Too much of anything is not good I guess. I don't know where that is going to lead to. But you're my best fran Davey. Thats something that'll never change.

Now imma flatter you.
You're funny. Astonishingly smart. Uber uber cute. You in Zoe's pink jacket && boots , I'd do you on the road :P
You're understanding. && patient. && calm. && collected. && sensible. Sane. Yeah well. It seems odd to say this to a guy whose been to rehab & military camp && shit. But you are not mental. Or maybe you are. But thats cool. You're perfect , D.
Like perfect seems like an understatement for you. [NO sarcasm. I swear]

So yeah. I'm just blabbering. But thats cuz writing to you is all I can do. I wish I had other ways of showing you. But I don't.
So I wanna let you know, that I love you =)
Best friend , boyfriend, love, everything :) Thats what you were to me. Thanks :)
You're the best friend. The best ex boyfriend. The best everything I ever had.

I may not say this too often. But I couldn't possibly do it without you. && though I act like a bitch, at most times. I never want you to go away.
You mean everything to me , D.
Don't let go =)

I'd say something cheesy like , you were the missing puzzle peice or something. But we both know how bad I am at being cheesy, so lets not go there.
But we didn't fit like pieces of a puzzle. && we aren't exactly alike. Or exactly opposite.
Or stereotyped.
We're different people. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't. I think we're normal. But what we have together is one in a million ♥ Its like catching lightning that chances of finding someone like you :)

So basically , I wish you have an AWESOME day :) && a fab fab FAB year ahead :)

Happy Birthday Dee ,
iloveyou =)
Dev Dumass 04 December 2010 at 18:27 Report
idk how much time i'll be spendin writin this too.
so lemme start with the truth. devs is my name. n my entire family history is true. i do live in la with my aunt n nathan. n now theres zoe.
okay so it started off as a small thing which originally had bradley n a few guys behind my name in it. it was jus for some shit they had in mind. tehn idk how u even came in the picture. u wernt even supposed to happen. were supposed to be strangers. but idk. then brad n u started talkin n later me. it was fun talkin to u so i told em people that im takin over this account. they wanted me to shut it soon but n i agreed. every day id tell myself that 'dude jus one more week n then go let go of her' but i couldnt. i kept postponin it one day n then the next. befoee we knew it, already a year had passed n i coulndt do without u. when jus a few months had passed they said it was too late to tell u so i msut jus cut off. i did. but i couldnt stop myself from comin back to u. we knew that u wernt in love with the face cuz he looks like a fag. but still i was too scared to tell u the truth.bradley convinced me ud hate me n id lose u forever. which i knew was gonna happen anyway so i decided to enjoy us as long as we lasted.
then u made plans of comin to nyc in jan. i couldnt be more happy cuz i knew when we'd meet there n ud noe, it would be easier to convince u n apologize face to face. that was the only way i could hope that we stood a chance. so jan was cool with everyone.
a lot a things happened in betwween. i got addicted to u. i jus couldnt do without u. u became like a routine. more n more people in school came to noe bout us. they couldnt believe that a stuck up spolit jerk like me wasnt for a change interested in any other gurl. theyd go like 'dude u havent met her and ur jus 16. you cant be in love' n id go like 'dude. u dont noe her' they knew u got me whipped. i felt good for once not to be known as jock. i was totally into u. into this shit. when the dude shaved off his hair, so did i for fun. people liked it but my aunt knew there was something up. u dont jus randomly enter home with no hair. she thought i was turnin into a skinhead. thats when i was put off to military school. i gave up every drug.
i come back n ur datin kumar. i dint noe how to feel. i mean i was obviously broken cuz i loveu but i was glad uwere movin on cuz that would force me too. n thats wa i needed. to get over you.
i did everything in the books, to get over you. i slept with three gurls i barely noe. but i was back to square one.
it sucked. i couldnt wait for jan n for things to be easier. we guessed bein friends ttill i actually told u verything would be better.
so yea.
i noe you hate me. wish i was dead. so do i. i noe i toyd around with u. but i swear to god, every time id tell u that i love you, i meant it. it was jus the face that wasnt mine. everything that i was, every story that i tole, was true.
ur the most beautiful person in the whole wide world. n i jus royaly screwed things up for u. u gave me everything that anyone could possibly want. u worked ur ass off to make us work. u gave me more chances than anyone could have the patience to. n i blew it all up.
i noe my apologie would mean nothing to u. but thats the only thing i can ask for. u cant forgive me, no one can. i cant forgive me either. i'll hate myself forever for doin this to u.
i wont regret us happening though. cuz it was the best thing that could happen to any one. im jus going to regret not meetin u as me all my life. we could have been the best couple if id have had the balls to come clean. i was too scared. n i pay for that now.
i dont noe what the hell am i ever going to do without u. but i guess thats what i have to do.
i swear i'll never hurt u anymore. i wont come back. i promise. hah for the last time.
i noe ur mad at me. but jus so u noe, if u ever need any help from a jerk of a guy from here, i'll always be there for u.
i promise i'll wait for u till the end. its my turn to wait now. even if im not ur guy, u'l always be my gurl.
iloveyou. always.
but jus please dont say anythin now. i wont be able to read it for quit a bit now. its worse already to lose u on the day i lost the other two most important people in my life.

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