Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yash Dang.

To everyone out there who knows me , you've definitely heard this name before. && those who don't, well you have now. && you'll will know him in just a bit.
Yash :)
You came into my life because you were friends with Natasha. && I was friends with Natasha. && I told you just today how weird I feel not being friends with her anymore but I'm always going to be grateful to her. For letting me know you :)
We started talking about a year ago. You were dating Trisha then, but we always had this thing between us. This spark. && we could never be just friends. Cuz, well we just couldn't. && we couldn't be more than friends. well because I always seem to fall for guys who do not reside in a 1000 mile radius.
Distance. Its that sucky thing between us.
But thats something we can't help.
Anyway, this post is to let you know how important you are to me. 
We've been friends for quite some time && we have times when we're super close && talk to each other everyday. Then there are times when we go weeks without associating. then we start talking again like nothing ever happened. Which people might think is weird but its perfectly normal to us. =p
Honestly , I admire the person you are. You're smart && understanding && caring && funny && [we did a test on google to prove this one] you're THE perfect boyfriend.
I just wanna let you know that I feel incredibly lucky to have you in my life. =)
It feels nice to know that there is someone out there, who is wanted by a zillion people && he still chooses to be with you. Its highly flattering , actually. Cuz we all know how popular && wanted you are. :P
Half the times, I'm afraid of losing you. Afraid that you'd leave && I'd be lost with you. Afraid of how things will turn out if we actually ever get to be together. Afraid of a lot of things.
But know what? I trust you, I do. 
&& even though what we are is undefined right now, we're going to figure it out. I love you && I love us && its all going to work out. It has to. April :) <3

&& just so you know,  I cannot wait to move to the Bahamas with you where you cook me Maggi every single day =D

You're the Yaa to my Noo. <3