Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vihan Jain :)

Hey there stalker :)
I don't remember when you turned from the annoying nosy kid to one of my best friends but I'm glad you did.
I don't even know how long we've known each other. We've been in the same school for what? 6 years?
But the starting half I was friends with your sister who I have no idea why hates me now >.<
Anyway, I'm SO SO glad we're friends.
You know so much about me, its just easier to talk to you, you've figured out half the story by yourself by the time I get around to telling you about it.
You always understand why I'm doing what I'm doing && even if you don't agree with me , you never once demotivate me.
You're one person I know I can count on no matter what happens. When the rest of the world walks out , I'm sure you'll still be there for me. Still thinking of me so highly. Still flattering me :P
I love how you care about me :) How even when I'm sick of chasing after Dev you don't give up. :P
For someone who is 14 you're VERY smart. && funny , though you don't get it. :P I can actually have a conversation with you, which is cool cuz half of the times I find people my age very dumb. :P
You're my fellow Grammar Nazi. My fellow Kate lover XD My fellow fanpage admin =P My DDR partner XD
I just want to let you know that you're adorable && very funny && that you're an awesome person && that I love you to bits. :D

Cuz when you're feeling low && need comfort food it really helps to have someone who knows exactly what flavor of ice-cream you'd want.
iloveyou, Veeehaaaan.
Much Love<3


  1. I don't know what to say. No one's been SO nice to me in a time so long I don't even remember! You're awesome, NJ. Grammar Nazis for the win! And I am 13, just so you know. And this flatters me more than anything. More than ANYTHING. I love you too, NJ :)

  2. I suppose this is the BEST post on your site.

    I really love the last part. And the quote that you ended it with - dude, nothing's like it.

  3. I know I told you I thought you were thirteen. You're too young Vihan. It annoys me :P
    I love you too, Vihan :D

    Cory - Seriously? :P Thanks :') Theres one coming up about you as soon as I'm in a good enough mood to write something positive. :P


    P.S : I shall start posting your poems if you don't make them public yourself, just saaaaayin'

  4. We haven't gone for Icecream in a long time.