Sunday, January 16, 2011


Its 3:24am. I am dead tired. I just realised that I have my business paper tomorrow [thanks Aishwarya =P] . 32 chapters. && I haven't touched my book.
&& surprisingly, thats not what I'm most worried about.
I'm solving a SAT paper.
Professor Fernandez has bee ______ about most of the purportedly humanitarian aspects of the colonial government and has insisted that its actions were, on the contrary,_______.
A. dubious..... self-serving.
B. enthusiastic...  contemptible
C. disparaging.... sporadic
D. excited... gratuitous
E. disillusioned... benevolent

Give the correct answer && you shall be mentioned in my next post.
To all those out there doing their SAT's this month. I sympathize. && I wish you good luck :)
To all those who aren't. Lucky bastards. :P

Wish me luck. xx

Much Love<3

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