Thursday, January 13, 2011


She remembered the day he asked her out. The sky had been crystal clear. Her heart was jumping. Her stomach churning. He was finally asking her out!!!! She couldn't believe it. I mean sure she'd wasted all her 11:11 wishes on it & stuff, but it happening for real was just... Wow.  She was crazy bout him. She knew it, the world knew it. Everyone knew it. Except for him. && if he did know, he chose to ignore it. But here he was. Asking her to be his girlfriend. She obviously said yes. He was everything she'd ever wanted. Why would she say anything but yes. She shouldn't have said yes. She just fell for the wrong guy. I'm not saying that there was anything wrong with him. He was just fabulous. But he was just wrong for her. It was a week of bliss. & then he suddenly didn't want her anymore. She screamed, she cried, she broke things. Nothing helped. She cut herself, cried a little more untill her friends gave her the usual "he-wasnt-worth-you-anyway" talk. But she knew he was worth it, worth her. She just wasn't good enough. But she couldn't go on like this. So she wore her fake smile , put on her make-up and tried to face life again. She was still friends with him. She couldn't do without him in her life. It hurt everytime she was with him. The way he smiled and gave her butterflies. She loathed the feeling. She tried & tried so hard to get over him, to forget everything , but its a little more complicated than that. About a month after they broke up she was getting ready for prom. This really sweet guy asked her & her friends wanted her to go out, so she agreed. She wore a light pink dress & tried to look happy. She was just doing her hair when her phone rang. His ringtone. Why was he calling her? Reluctantly she answered.  "Hey..?" "Hey , are you going for the prom tonight?" "Uhh yea. Why?" " Oh cuz I had an extra ticket & I thought I'd like you to come with me. But its cool. I'll talk to you later then. Have fun" "Hey hold on. I don't really have a date. I'll see you there at 8." "Okay then. See ya" She didn't know why she lied to him. Or why she ditched her date. Or why she was still stuck on to him. But he called. & she just had to go. She shouldn't have gone either. Not to get it wrong. The night was awesome. They made out , danced , made out a little more. It was blissful. Things were good again. He was going to come back to her. Life couldn't get better. She was wrong. AGAIN. [Yeah, girls can be stupid like this. Give the guy a zillion chances && trusting him to not break your heart. But he is stupider. He won't realise he had you, who was amazing, until you're to far gone.] Just as the prom was about to end & everyone was all smiling & not wanting to go home. His phone rang. It was different from his ringtone for everyone. He bothered keeping special ringtones? His mom or someone, she thought & didn't let it bother her. He stared at his phone screen. Blinked twice. "I have to take this." He said. She couldn't make out anything from the tone of his voice. He started making his way out, she followed him.  They were standing outside , he answered the phone. "How come you called?" Is how he greeted the person on the other side. "I don't fucking care." "What?" "Is there anything left to say?" "No I don't fucking wanna turn around." She heard this & immediately turned around. Impulsive. But she couldn't make sense of the conversation.  Standing behind them was a brunette chick, kinda pretty, in a grey dress, talking on the phone and staring straight at her . she recognized the brunette from somewhere. She was his friend. But what was she doing here? The brunette glanced towards him, and started walking in their direction. He was walking towards her too. And they met halfway. Just started at each other for the longest time. && then broke into the most romantic kiss. It had started to rain. & she just stood there drenched in her light pink dress as no one noticed her cry.
This is story is for all you girls out there. We all make mistakes. Get our hearts broken. Break some hearts. But don't let him take you for granted. You might think hes the one, but your Prince Charming will know what he has when he has you && won't be foolish enough to let go :)
So don't worry. The knight in the shining armour will come along. Until then keep having fun with all the losers in tin foil :)


  1. Another great one. Your genre, your forte. Keep up the Good work and keep 'em coming!

  2. Thankyoou Vihan :P
    You're on the phone so whatever :P

  3. :|
    Surprising how such a great writer has issues with reading names.

  4. What? What? :\

    Great writer XD thanks thanks =P