Sunday, January 16, 2011


We all have friends. We all have best friends. We all have things that get on our nerves && though it may seem irrational to many people some people get it. Some people get why you don't do things in a certain way or why you don't like someone you don't like. Normal everyday things. Like for instance, the colour orange gets on my nerves. I'm very sensitive about anything to do with Harry Potter. && I like insects. I wouldn't scream if there was a spider in the room, I would wanna hold it.
So I might be weird. But people who get my weirdness && don't just deal with it but actually adore the weirdness in me aa the one that matter most.
I haven't seen many people in the world who accept just for who you aa.
I've seen people being friends for reasons. Either a social ladder. Either to curb loneliness. Or to show the world how tight you are.
Money. Ego boost. Social Status. Bleh.
&& you do one thing that doesn't please these so called 'friends' && they'll walk away.
Acceptance. Something that people around here lack. They barely ever love you for 'who you are'. Unless ofcourse you've moulded yourself to be just the person people want to see. Which is most of the people around me do. Even I to some extent act in certain ways just to be accepted. To be loved. To be popular. I mean who doesn't like attention?
Sometimes we take people for granted. Cuz we believe that no matter what we do, we love each other && that will hold us together. Love. Its very powerful. But personal experience makes me say that no one. Not one person is ever going to love you enough to bear with whatever you do. [except me with my whole dev thing but that could be counted as just being stupid]
Everyone is going to walk away at one time or another.
&& no one is going to get how you feel. How much your apparent 'irrational demands' matter to you.
But Once you find someone who not only accepts , but loves all your weird ways. Don't let them go :)
This post. Is about nothing, actually.
I'm just having a really bad day && its all getting to me && funnily enough I don't find anyone I can talk to. Everyones got something to do & somewhere to be. && I don't want to interrupt them.
So I'll just rant on here.

Point is. We expect too much from people cuz we'd be willing to do that much for them.
But most of the times, they're just gonna let us down. && watch us break. Because everyone, EVERYONE in the world is selfish. They're obviously gonna think about themselves first.
So I've decided to have no expectations. That way I won't have to deal with disappointment.

Okay I'm gonna go study now.
Thanks for reading if you've gotten till here. :P
Much Love<3

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