Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Moment of the day - how being just me is okay

Okay so it's my best friend in the USA Tiffany's birthday. She was quite down and we had no plans and I was broke because I used the last of my money on a beautiful purse that I just HAD to get. So anyway I couldn't give her any money happiness so Saumil and Adham came up with the idea to drive Saumil's truck to a vista point where you can see the whole of San Francisco from and chill in the back of the truck with our blankets and a joint and we were on our way there and I was thinking about how excited I'm to do perfectly normal things back home and it made me homesick to a point where I felt physically nauseous and it sucks but I'm going back soon and it made me happy that I have something to miss its amazing that I have so many people and places and things I love halfway across the world and that is a beautiful thing

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