Friday, April 26, 2013


This person has nagged me for a post forever and I just haven't gotten to it. Not because she's not important heck she's the only person whose been on my top 5 people list for 3 years consecutively. But with her I don't know where to start and where to end. I don't even remember life before I met her. She's just as far from being perfect as I am. And knowing this we are just comfortable judgmental assholes. We know what really matters, food, tumblr and Internet fame. And we have all three so we're literally celebrities in our minds. We're potatoes and we're so lazy idk how we ever manage to get out of bed to hang out but it works. She is just my best fucken friend and we like to have company while we hate on how dumb the world is. She's just too big a part of my life to be put into text posts. I write about things. About feelings. About deeper meanings. But our friendship is just so simple. but its not a thing. its like a feeling. i feel her, literally. not not literally. We have had our fare share of drama but we're just so in sync that our friendship has always been the thing you can run to from bad things. We're both awkward as fuck so we can do much to be comforting but we are together on a more spiritual level.
Voldemophobia is a huge fucken part of my life and we're partners there. We're like Brennan and booth. Like Shawn and Gus. Like shaggy and scooby. Like jack and Alex. Lets face it 60% of the reason we're friends is our unconditional love for ATL.
I just really look forward to seeing you and being everyday best friends again cuz I've really really missed you.


  1. You misspelled "fair". You misspelled "fair".

  2. this is so nice i miss u guys so much :( - aishwarya