Monday, April 8, 2013

Moment of the day

okay so this may seem completely irrelevant but this made me happy so well
so my friends and i were going for lunch and we were craving quiznos and once we got there we saw this little asian salon with like $20 haircuts and i was complaining, just the other day, about how my head feels too heavy and i need to go bald and my friend tiffany was like you just need a haircut. so anyway i was like yay haircut and shes like im turning 21 next week and i have to go to a wedding this weekend i want a haircut too. ive NEVER trusted a random person with my hair EVER. like i went to the same salons for years back home. maybe switched and switched back but the same like 6 salons with the same stylists. anyway so we let asian women [not being racist i swear just stereotyping] cut our hair and i swear to god my head felt like a fucking cloud i loved it. 
tiffany' hair is shorter on one side but i guess it was worth it

oh and also i went shopping today and i was a little high so i felt very in control and i needed to buy a book bag because school starts tomorrow and i fell in love with this steve madden bag and that is probably the most ive ever spent on a bag but the shopaholic glory is totally worth it

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