Friday, April 12, 2013

Moment of the day - Strawberries are awesome

My friend Saumil works for his uncle and they regularly smoke together. Tiffany is invited too, sometimes. But I'd never met Saumil's uncle so I wasn't. Today, I was. So I met this uncle who is 42 years old, is a professional chef like with certificates and awards and million dollar contacts and buys weed by the kilo. So basically he has food and weed two basic needs of an average college student in california yes, we chilled with him. And it was a very fun evening and I'd go into the depths of that but thats not a moment. so I'm going to stick to the point. I was very high cuz his joints were humungous and i was like asdfghjkl and i ate a 1 ounce cookie and i was pretty fucked and I was on the verge of a very bad trip and Saumil's uncle asked if I wanted anything to eat and then said they have everything because we were in the back of his restaurant. So he offered strawberries and oh my god it immediately made everything so much brighter. so there I was sitting, eating my strawberries. And honestly, I've never been happier.

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