Friday, April 26, 2013

Moment of the day

Okay so this isn't today's moment it happened a couple of days ago but still
So my friend likes my friend Sergio and he likes her back and we've all been acting like love gurus and they went on their first date and we were all so excited but we like picking on them cuz Sergio's only in high school ad Khadija graduated high school early so she like just turned 18 so we were like be back by like 7pm latest don't mess with my girl/boy mister/me.

They came back hand in hand and it was so cute I could gag. So we obviously being the high motherfuckers we are day them down and decided to give them the talk. Found a condom and asked Sergio to cover it. I'm like we're older and wiser so listen to me and Sergio's like Noopur you haven't even had sex yet and it was just the funniest fucking conversation ever. Saumil was recording it and shiva was going into gruesome care advice and I fucking just love my life and friends right now. It's just such a content feeling that I'm with such wonderful people in such a beautiful world and all that I want to fucking convert to Buddhism

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