Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moment of the day

So my friend Saumil likes my friend Tiffany and Tiffany doesn't like him back but they're like best friends and there's constant drama going on because of these feelings
So today we were at Quicky's and if you've ever been to Quicky's you understand when I say that they take FOREVER to get your order to you. So we're sitting there and Saumil and Tiffany aren't talking and no ones talkin and we're just sitting in silence and then Saumil pulls out a lighter and Tiffany is like "can I have my lighter back?" And he like throws it to her and he'd be acting like a dick in general but he's a nice guy he's just hurting and that's his way of coping. So yeah he throws it and they start arguing about the fucking lighter and it somehow leads to Tiffany telling Saumil he's smoking too much and I'm just being pulled in every now and then by either one of them to back them up but I'm just sitting there and then one thing leads to another and Tiffany just dramatically gets up to get her food and Saumil dramatically gets up and exist out the door. Then he realizes he forgot his jacket so he comes back to grab it and in the process of being dramatic an angry he drops the fucking chair and then has to pick it up and I'm just sitting there an I can't hold it anymore and I just laugh. Laugh at how ridiculous every stupid thing we get worked up over is. Laugh at how messed up and complicated relationships can get. Laugh about it because laughing just makes things easier.


  1. Solrun Saad MansinghApril 10, 2013 at 1:54 PM

    Laughter is the best medicine but please don't OD on it. Also remember that it's rather inappropriate to laugh in certain situations such as death of sitting/ex-member of congress, death of family, serious illness in family, etc.


  3. Irritated by NehaApril 11, 2013 at 3:17 PM

    Neha please stop spamming the blog with links don't you have a knowledge of advanced manners?