Monday, March 22, 2010

There's no need to argue anymore,I gave all I could but it left me so sore.&& the thing that makes me mad,is your the only thing that I had & I knew.

So. Life is complicated. Thats what makes it interesting. Looking back we're gonna laugh at all these times when we panicked.
But right now it means the world to us.
So this complication, may seem a little over-dramatic. But we tend to that that :P Over react to make things fun :)

So theres me. && My boyfriend. D <3
&& Theres my best friend. Lets call her MM :) && Her boyfriend AL.

So MM && Al had just STARTED going out. Sort of. Like an online thing. MM was in India. AL in Australia.
D && I had broken up. But we were the on && off thing. I was crazy about him && nothing changed that. We both have serious issues, && we keep fighting. But at the end of the day. We can't live without each other <3

Okay. So MM started talking to D cuz of certain reasons. That explanation is too big to give here. But shes my best friend. She can talk to my boyfriend alright!
We'd broken up. She made us hook up again =D
I had hooked her && her boyfriend up.
So now we were all happy && "in relationships".
Life isn't that easy though, right?
So MM is like FAB! Shes like awesome beyond words :P She funny && smart && fun && the best friend ever :D
&& we're very alike. Probably cuz we're best friends. Shes probably a nicer, funnier , smarter version of me :P
Yes that means I'm Fab also, shes just Fab-er :P

So when she && D started talking, I thought it was harmless. What would happen anyway? But I started getting jealous. Stupid stupid green monster of jealousy didn't let me sleep all night.
I fought with D. I fought with MM. Felt super guilty. But I just couldn't do anything about it.
So I cried. Thats what I always do. Because doing nothing gets me frustrated. :|
Meanwhile, I didn't realise MM was kinda insecure of AL && me talking.
AL was insecure of MM talking to D.
D was insecure of me talking to AL.

Yes. We were all messed up . It didn't make sense. For a couple of days all we did was scream && shout && get insecure && RUN AWAY :|
Seriously, I don't get why boys think running away is the solution to everything but they do.

So with everyone jealous. everyones minds were fucked.
D && I worked it out. Somehow.
I thought AL && MM did as well. But their fights became prominent. && though the initial insecurity wasn't always the reason . It was what had started it all.

AL has gone away. I tried talking. Forcing him. Pleading, begging him to come back. He didn't.
MM gave up. We thought there was no hope left.

I have NO idea whats on AL's mind. I know its complicated. && Confusing. But you have to try to make it work.
&& we're still waiting. Because getting over someone you really love is not that simple.
I know how bad I feel. && You are still talking to me. I cannot imagine what Angie's going through.
Its her birthday today. Make her day AL.
Who are you lying to anyways? To her? Or yourself?
I know you love her.
I can't force yu. But I'm hoping you'll come back.
Much Love<3

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