Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Post Heartbreak : Season 1 :)

So I wrote about my relationship && my breakup. But that really wasn't the part that I remember most.
The post breakup. That was hard.
While I was dating him, he was the center of everything I did . I spoke to him on the phone all day long, all night too . When I wasn't talking to him, I was with him. Or doing something for him. So basically , he took up all the time I had.
When he wasn't around, I'd email him, or be reading his emails . We wrote rather long emails so we won't miss each other too much in the few hours that we couldn't talk :|
*So In Love*
So when we broke up. All the time I spent meeting/talking/thinking about him was just there. I had nothing to do. I had pushed all my friends away, they were there , just not as close as they used be .&& it was my fault .
So I was left alone in all the time I spent with him , leaving me to do nothing but to think of the good times with him && cry .
Maybe if I had some other guy, or really close friends, who'd keep me busy. I wouldn't think of him . I wouldn't have the time to. I'd be distracted .
But I didn't. SO I sat. Sulked over him . Forced myself to not all or text him, or act like those retarded stalker ex's , I can't say I completely succeeded , but its the effort that counts innit? :P
So it took MONTHS ! && About 4 guys to finally get someone who could make me forget about him. I'd think the guy is cool, go out once Hate it && go back to crying .
But looking back, I feel stupid . I mean sure I had fun. But I remember how I felt, && Any guy who makes me feel that bad, is SO NOT worth my life, energy, effort && Definitely NOT worth my love :|
So everyone out there , crying for a lost love remember No ones worth your tears , the one who is.. Won't make you cry :)
&& Also whats meant to be will always find its way :)

&& Theres Karma && everything , but bitch-slapping the ass who broke your heart will help :)
Much love<3

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