Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love you, not only for now, but for always, && I dream of the day you'll hold me in your arms :)

I remember how we started talking. I liked your best friend. I spoke to you about him .. I don't know where in those times did you fall for me . But you were always trying your best to not hook us up :PP
I'm glad you did that. I still don't know how he started dating Bitch Miller. But I'm glad he did. Cuz in my anger . I told you how much I liked you. Somewhere along the time we were talking, I fell for you too. But I always thought you'd think I'm a skank if I liked your best friend && then suddenly told yu I liked you :|
But he started dating her, the same day that he told me he liked me. I was super pissed.
We started going out. It was amazing.
I've often told you your so perfect, it's unrealistic.
Its shocking that yur mine. I mean I'm difficult && stubborn && weird && random && Blonde && have so many mood swings. I'm not great looking. So basically compared to you I'm trash.
Like we're the couple people would see && be like .. What is HE doing with HER?
I don't care what they say. I guess you don't either. Since we've been together for so long.
I just fear the day you realise i ain't good enough, && walk away. If that ever happens. My heart shall stop beating. Dramatic much? Its true =)[There you go :P Cheesy xP]

Theres so much more to you. To us . That I want to write about. && Theres so much about you that I don't know yet. That I want to find out.
I'll write more later :P Cuz I have an exam tomorrow. Its 3:18am. && I haven't studied shit. && I'm going to fail :(
So yes.
Your the bets thing thats ever happened to me. Your the best thing that can ever happen to any girl.
True your cocky, && slightly gay, && stuck up && self obsessed && can be a total prick :P But your cute && cheesy && so simple && easy going , && funny && so awesome that I can't believe yur for real :D I love you , not only for who you are but for what I am when I'm with you.
I truly love you Morison<3 Forever<3

P.S : I'm not Savannah. :| I shall wait. Tim is like my brother :P

Much Love<3

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