Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Think Someday, Someone Will Replace You. And I Cannot Wait :)

This story is a work of pure fiction. Okay maybe not PURE.But its fiction alright. Her character is kinda like me[KINDA.VERY Roughly :P]. His character is like Dev. There are points taken from a conversation Brad && I once had. Okay, its based a LOT on Brad && Dev, mixed together :P But the story is fictional :)

I still remember the first time I saw him, wasn't something that could be easily forgotten.
He was the kind of person, who'd , you know, leave a mark. He was your typical tall , handsome Greek god figure. Yes, that'd be him . && being in high school, you'd expect him to be a dumb jock. He wasn't. He managed B's. He knew who the first president of the United States was. He was good at Biology. At Math even. It sorta shocked me .
What shocked me more was that he was interested in me! Not shocked actually, pleasantly surprised.
I was the kinda chick who didn't fit. Who was a cross of a Gucci princess, with a pink cellphone && glitter. Who played soccer :| && Basketball && was a cheerleader. && also played GTA && COD :|
I remember talking to him, telling him this . && he said " So your Miss Perfect" eh ? && I'm like "No. How? I don't fit anywhere." && hes like "You do.. Everywhere :)"
That was the moment he completely got me.
I mean he'd gotten me the moment he had walked into the club the other night, looking so fit. But that moment. I knew it couldn't get anymore perfect.
I still did't get why he was interested in me. But I didn't want to find out. What if I'd ask him, && he'd think about it && realise that I was actually not worth his time? So I stayed quiet. Not knowing was okay with me :)
He had a girlfriend then. But being just friends with him was too much for me to take a step ahead, I never even thought it would be practical. I had dreamt of it, yes. But I knew it would never happen.
He was with her at Homecoming. I saw them coming together. Both looking quite gloomy, if you ask me. But I knew better than to interfere. I was new at the school. I had just come with a friend, just cuz both of us didn't fancy showing up alone.
My friends were the kind who didn't fancy dancing much. It was killing me :( What kinda losers don't dance at 'dances' anyway? But there was nothing I could do. I just stood there, while they made fun of half the people at the dance.
They were the kind of people who'd be sucking up to the A crowd, dying to be a part of them. I hated it :| Probably I was a part of them cuz I didn't fit in the A crowd yet && I wasn't a person who could deal not being popular.
Not boasting or anything but I'd always been pretty && charming && smart. I had always been adored by everyone && I was popular =] A new school wasn't changing that for me.
So , as we stood watching people dance, I looked around the room for him . He had looked so wonderful in his tux, I felt like I had died && gone to heaven :PP No but like seriously, he was gorgeous!
I couldn't see him on the dancefloor :( I saw his bitch of a girlfriend dancing with some other guy. Oddly enough, instead of being happy, I felt horrible. I wondered where he was, && what had happened between them.. Whether he was okay or not? I wanted to go slap that bitch :@ I didn't. Honestly, I'd never have the guts to do something like that :P
Instead, I went to look for him. Being his shoulder to cry on . && I DID NOT do it thinking that I'd take advantage of him being heartbroken && get close to him :\ I just knew he needed someone . Right then. && I wanted to be there for him. I just. wanted him to be okay.
I wanted him to be dancing on the dancefloor with that cute goofy smile he always wore, dancing with i don't care who!
I knew where I'd find him. The small botanical garden place attached to the biology lab. I hated it, it reminded me of Farmville :P I hated that game :( He found that funny :P
So he was there alright. Looking gloomy as he had, when he first got to dance.
I went in. Not knowing what to say I tried to act all cool by saying "Wanna dance? " He gave a half-hearted attempt at that gorgeous goofy smile, my tummy did a somersault.. He just gave half a goofy smile for me :D :D :D But he whispered "No thanks. Not now. Sorry. I need to be alone." I wasn't his best friend or something , I couldn't hug him && say "Aw man, come on! Its gonna be okay!" So I just said "Sure, I'll be around." && went away. I may have had a tear or two then..

More of this coming up. I'm too sleepy right now :)
Keep reading :D
Much love<3

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