Monday, March 22, 2010

Chapter 1 : The Egg Family . Courtesy : Samyukta Singh

IT was a normal day in eggville. mrs. eggstein and mr.eggstein were enjoying a lazy sunday with thier children little eggbert and little eggberta. Mr. eggstein was talking to his wife about work.
he worked in a a school called the unda local school of eggville. he was the councillor. he taught the eggs that it was okay that they were eggs and couldnt play games like the apples and bananas and toasts in school, they were fragile, but that was not a bad thing. he was a very very good councillor.
the little eggs were playing peekaboo.
it was a happy family.
the doorbelll rings.
it is fried fred the local postman egg.
'helo fried fred' said mother egg. 'what news brings you to our house at such an hour?'
i have bad news, dear mother egg, said fried fred.
'oh dear! what happened?' said mother egg.
'i bear bad news" said fried fred.
mother egg looked at horrified.
'have the evil frying pans come to town?!?! ' asked mother egg with terror.
'no, but im afraid a very close relative of yours passed away.' said fried fred with remorse.
'WHO? " cried out mother egg.
' lord humpty dumpty.'
father eggstein and little eggbert and eggberta rush to mother egg when they hear her scream.
'whatever is the matter?' asks father eggstein.
'your brother in law died! humpty is dead! '
'it is true.' said fried fred with remorse.

moral of story : do not sit on walls if you are an egg.
(moral copied from noopur.)

wait for my next installment chapter two: the egg funeral.

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