Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Heartbreak : Season 1

Guess the internet is the coolest thing ever. Thats where I first met him . He was a friends friend, we started talking on a message thread on Facebook. Then out of somewhere our MSN chats began . I found myself rushing home to catch him on time .
Talking to him made me happy. It was probably a silly crush . It would pass.
It would've passed , but he felt the same way. Taylor Swift, a very wise heartbroken woman indeed, said that "When you're 15 && somebody tells you they love you, you're gonna believe them." && So I did . Believed him when he told me I meant the world to him, believed him when he said "forever means forever" . Course it didn't . But I didn't know it then .
With him, it was the best relationship I'd ever had . && trust me, I had had quite a few before :P
The long phone calls, the sneaking out && meeting, the long walks in the rain , the movies that we never actually watched. Typical teenage relationship. Yeah .
Then like all good things, this came to an end. && the end was bad.
I got bored I guess . 4 months seemed a long time then . Guess he didn't, but he was tired of being thrown around like nothing. Arguments increased. Days passed where I didn't feel the need to talk to him , it was some formality that we had to complete. It seemed weird that he was the same guy I was so completely crazy about just a few months back.
Our phone calls got shorter , they usually ended in me hanging up && turning my phone off. He getting sick of it. Suddenly things like school, that we hadn't cared about earlier seemed more important.
Travelling for 2 hours to see him seemed stupid. At 6am in the morning , before school. yeah, we were crazy enough to do that.
I guess I took him for granted, I tend to do that. A LOT. Maybe I felt so secure around him, I felt he couldn't leave. Like mom or someone. No matter what I do, at the end of the day, we're stuck together. I thought a lot for someone whose 15 :P
So well, i took him for granted, he tried working things out. I loved the attention. I acted even more bitchy. So he gave up.
I didn't see that coming . He said in the time I distanced myself from him he got close some chick at school. He said we were over. Just like that.
I couldn't even believe it.
Its like, we're fighting, I hang up, && He texted it :| I call him, his phones busy [He was apparently talking to his best friend] but I loose it. I don't do anything just then. It hadn't sunken in .
For the next ten days I expected him to come back . He should've. It was meant to be. It wasn't apparently.
It was my 16th Birthday party a week after my break-up. We still spoke, we were 'friends' yeah :\ He was all "I-may-come-back-ish. " && i was clinging on to that bit of hope :( I really wanted him to come for my party .
Trust him to make me cry on my 16th :@ He said he'd come, but he didn't show up. I was shattered. I met him on the next day, which also happened to be my birthday. We sat together , he kissed me . I thought he was coming back. As I pulled away , he said "Thats my goodbye" . I cried. On my birthday. Thanks a ton loser :|
Oh && he also conveniently kissed me twice after his "goodbye" .

So the moral of the story is. All good things come to an end :) Yes, it sounds harsh . && The movies show different. && There are some horribly lucky people who get everything they want in life && are always happy && give all those inspirational quotes. Truth is, sometimes, life just sucks! && theres nothing you can do about it ! So you got live through it , cuz you don't really have a choice :)

Oh && also that ex boyfriends SUCK. && we should throw things at them like.. like.. pineapples , they're pointy :D Mwuahah XD && yes, sometimes the guy is PERFECT && you fucked it up. But if he was so perfect for you, he'd understand && stand by you through it. So you can cry all you like , cuz I feel that does help. But always forget what you want, && remember what you deserve.
Much Love<3