Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's either this or doing math and I abhor math

Okay so I just realized something quite weird about me. It's very easy for me to smile at or talk to someone who I don't find attractive. Like I can talk to everyone in class except that one boy who I think is cute no matter how approachable they may be. My entire personality changes because my attitude towards them is so different from my attitude towards everyone else. So no matter how good a relationship I get into the person I'm with will never really like me for "the real me". That's kind really sad. I'm going to work very hard on changing this attitude. And I feel like this is a very general problem. All of us act in a different way around people we like or like have a crush on. You try to be 10x more charming and 10x more nice and try to look 10x prettier. Which is a good thing too. It means that this person motivates you to bring about positive changes in you. Makes you progress as a human being. I'm sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense I'm just very bored in math class and it motivated me to finally update my blog. I've been so lazy recently it's awful. Regular posts starting now :D

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  1. Looking forward to the regular posts maybe even your cbox will see some new stuff from the Mriya person!