Friday, December 9, 2011


Recently, I've across a stupid thing that people believe in. "Thing that people believe in", I don't even know what to call it. If its a mindset or a stereotype or a need to conform.
Anyway, I've come across people deciding whether they wanna be pretty or nice. Like good looking people cannot be nice. I'm not saying they're necessarily mean, but they have something that makes them feel more confident about themselves, their appearance. And that is a good thing. Being confident. But they feel like they're greater than the others. That they don't have to be nice to people because they're pretty. And no one is going to hate someone good looking. Their looks pave the way for them. And that is true. But that doesn't give them the liberty to be horrible to other people. Or to bully them about how they look and how much they weigh and what they wear.
And I see people who think they're "ugly" conform. If you tell someone they're ugly they go like "at least I'm a nice person." or "At least I'm funny." & I don't understand how any of these make up for another. That is okay for pretty girls to be mean or to be stupid. Being pretty just does everything for them. And that girls who are funny and who don't care about how they wear their hair or how much they weigh are "ugly" but should be satisfied with their humor.
I just want to put it out there that there is to more to a person than just being smart or funny or hot or ugly. And just being even one of these things does not allow you to be mean to someone who isn't so.
Well, this rant was basically because when you spend as much time on the internet as I do, you come to realise about the effects of teen bullying. In India, I haven't seen any steps taken to spread awareness. To support teenagers. Who think they're not good enough. You suffer from anorexia or bulimia. Or cut. Or are homosexual. And I would really like to take some initiative to change that. To change the attention given to the youth of India today. And I thought, what better place to start than my blog?
So yeah. Thats about it. If you want to join the fight against teen bullying, just message me somewhere. Because I really wanna make a difference. I see 14 year olds on the internet putting suicide vlogs on youtube everyday and its very disturbing. if you're struggling with bullying and have no one to talk to, please feel free to message me. There is ALWAYS someone who cares and is willing to listen. Kthnx (:

P.S : The video is of Jamey Rodemeyer. A 14 year old who took his life because he was bullied when people found out he was homosexual. He was 14. You may have heard about him cuz of Lady Gaga :3


  1. Very very very x 7589324 insightful.
    Annd a very valid observation.
    Way to go Noopur! Great blog!
    PS : Thaaankyouu for finally writing again. Don't make the folks wait another millennium for a new post :P