Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Truk Knows ENGLISH :O :O :O

I added the Turk Kankaa met in MUN (: He sent me an inbox .
Here it is :P

Hello Ms. *Insert My Name (:*;
Seemingly, you have added me. I guess this is a part of your venture into Turkish male culture, given that there are 5-6 more Turkish friends on your list. I guess this gesture of me was rather voyeuristic; though I sensed a great need in me to understand how you have found me; a question for which I am still looking for answers. I would be glad to introduce myself, just in case you tell more than that fairly provocating "Introduction Box" on your page.
By the way, I've been once to your very country. [He thinks I live in the States :P]
Best wishes,
Turk :)

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