Sunday, April 18, 2010

I just thought this sounded novel like (:

Dev : I gotta go somewhere.

Me : Running Away ?

Dev : Yeah I'm running away, whatcha gonna do ehh ? I will run away if I want to ! Its my freaking wish !
I'm a quitter ! Deal with it, cuz frankly, I don't give s hit about it .

Me : You know what I'm gonna do ? I'm gonna watch you run away. Then wait for you to come back. No matter how much time you take .

Dev : How do you do it ?

Me : Do what?
Wait? Its easy Morison , just fall in love with a guy like you =)

Dev : With a guy who fucks up every time ? You still manage to love him that much ?

Me :Whoa ! Guess hes really got me hooked yeah?
Amazing guy , isn't he ? :D

The man who actually deserves you, is one who thinks he doesn't =)
I'm still waiting D :)