Thursday, July 21, 2016

My attempt to get a haircut

So I haven't posted anything in a while. I've spent too long explaining my state of life and I'm not going to go into that right now because there are greater concerns.

I don't know what writing this post is going to do, except, I hear it's healthy to vent. And who knows maybe this goes viral and I land myself a defamation suit.

I've talked on here about how I have psoriasis. And how annoying it is to live with. I tried going to the dermatologist but they treat you with steroids and shit and it was fucked up. So I tried alternative medicine.

And it had been getting better, but I went off my medication and it's kinda getting bad again. I just wanted to see if that happened. I'm on homeopathy and that's supposed to cure from within. And although I haven't found any substantial proof on wikipedia, it was working for me. Until it wasn't. I've obviously started medication again.

As women, we inherently are more "beauty conscious" and there are certain standards that society sets that even the boldest of feminists succumb to.

I've had trouble.

I have had people refuse to wax me, after assuring them multiple times that hot wax is not going to affect my auto-immune disease. Some have even told me that they don't want their equipment to get infected. Again, that is not how it works, IT IS NOT CONTAGIOUS.

I always like to throw in the fact that Kim K, Britney Spears and my bae Cara Delevigne suffer from psoriasis. They have spoken about how uncomfortable it is. But I doubt they have ever had to deal with snooty beauticians telling them that they are too diseased to work on.

But this story is not about the general stigma that, not only people with psoriasis, but the stigma that all people with conditions the eye can see, are treated.

You'd think seeing someone suffer would make people try harder. I know psoriasis is just the tip of the iceberg. But why do we let our judgement and general negativity affect someone who is already suffering?

So that was a rather large build up to what happened today.

And I want to share this incident because it wasn't a person who was just ignorant about my condition and probably not educated enough to sympathise.

Today I went to Enrich Salons in Infinity 2. I live in Malad, but I usually get my hair cut anywhere in Andheri or Bandra. But I haven't been feeling very well, and this was right next door. I'm not particularly loyal to any salon or stylist.

I used to go to Asif and my stylist there had scalp psoriasis too so she was super understanding and gave great advice. But I've tried everything from Mad-O-Wat to B-Blunt to Shiva's to every other salon in lokhandwala. I'm super lazy and so I get my hair washed at salons often too. And for that I pick any 'parlour' that is convenient at the time. I have got my hair washed at every parlour in the Malad Goregaon region.

And while most of them express concern and advise on my condition, I have never been refused service. (Except once when an aunty came home to wax me and I didn't wanna risk it either so I let her go)

So I booked a 7:30pm appointment at Enrich. I had never tried it before but I live half a block away from Infinity 2, so I thought why not? There is a new JCB in Infinity too ([weak] pun intended). But Enrich is cheaper. And the reviews were better for Enrich so.

When I got there, at exactly 7:30pm both the receptionists were on their cellphones. So I waited till they addressed me. Then they said that the Senior Stylist (who costs like 1.1k wasn't available) who I had an appointment with is not available. And the only option was to go for the Top Stylist (who costs like 1.3k). I considered just going to JCB but whatever I was here now so I was like wtv just cut my hair.

So, I oil my hair with this therapy oil that works really well for me (it's called Shuddhi Therapy if anyone is interested). And that's usually why I get my hair washed outside, because I don't manage to get it all out in 1 wash.

And the haircut explicitly mentioned a free hairwash so I was like might as well kill two birds with one stone. If she's washing my hair anyway, why bother washing it before?

So I was waiting there on the couch for my Top Stylist. She came to me and said 'Haircut?' in probably the most unpleasant tone. I said yes and she took me to the chair.
She kept staring at me like I was the ugliest thing she had ever seen, I'm not exaggerating. So I was like I have oil in my hair and also I have scalp psoriasis. I admit, my hair was a mess and there were flakes of skin everywhere. But that's the point of the beauty industry right? I come to you and you make me prettier.

She looked at my scalp and is just straight up like your scalp is super problematic we can't treat it. And I'm not you don't have to treat it, you just have to wash my hair and cut it??
Usually when I get to salons, they are like omg your scalp is so dry you should to the hair spa or a hair mask and every other service they can sell. And I use my psoriasis as an excuse to shut them up.
But this top stylist at Enrich that is a nationwide franchise is telling me that as a company policy she can't WASH my hair.

I'm just really concerned about the products they use if they think shampoo is going to be the death of me.

I tried to make a point that I have had this condition for a while and I have got my hair cut at various places. And that is not a surface problem.

And they told me I should see a fucken dermatologist??????

How is a dermatologist gonna cut my hair you twat?

You know I have real sympathy for employees of MNC's and such because you're supposed to stick to the rulebook, and represent the company. But if Enrich, that specialise in hair care can't take the responsibility of adjusting to the customers needs and instead humiliate the customer in front of the whole store by making public a disease that they're already pretty uncomfortable with?

I mean sure the stylist was unpleasant to begin with and I wanted to take my business elsewhere from the minute she opened her mouth.

I haven't felt so shitty about my condition in a very long time. At first it was really hard as you can read in this post. But I had finally gotten stronger.

One of my friends paid 700 pounds for rare leopard cat  which is apparently immune to cat leukemia. And that just made me believe that I'm just a rare leopard human with these spots on my body. I know it sounds silly but it was a coping mechanism.

It's so funny how long it takes for you to build the confidence in yourself and to not deny yourself the simple pleasure of doing basic things.

And so little for someone to thoughtlessly tear you down from everything you worked for.

In conclusion, I'd just like to say one thing. FUCK ENRICH. 

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