Saturday, July 23, 2016

Moment of the day

I feel like this was the best series because it made me document the silliest things that made my day. But obviously I wasn't being very appreciative of life in the recent past.

It might be the drugs I've done, but I honestly don't understand why I make it so hard for myself. I have all these insecurities and concerns playing in my head all the time but I don't voice them and I'm usually so preoccupied with all the things I think I'm doing wrong, that I don't just let myself be.

This series has before, and will again, help me focus on the good.

So we went to this friend's friend's building. And it was honestly the most beautiful place I've been to in quite a while. Which probably just goes to show that I really need a vacation.

But this building had everything from a pool, jacuzzi, squash, badminton, foosball, Air Hockey, snooker and a fucken theatre.

It was like 6am in the morning, and my friend Sanaa and I were just laying on this big ass swing thing.  It's called a Basket Swing, I googled. Click here for reference image.

The sky was grey and there was a very slight drizzle and we were just laying and swinging and it had been such a good night and this swing was the shit so today I'm grateful for that beautiful swing and for great friends and a good night and also drugs. :)))

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