Monday, June 10, 2013

Moment of the day I guess

So I had a really long day today and it was pretty crappy cuz I really don't like the muck and traffic and wetness that rain brings. I like it when I'm indoors. When I can hear it outside. And feel grateful for warmth and lack of moisture.
So I was home and I was stalking my girlfriend's blog and I saw some posts and I knew they were about me. I mean she claims to be in love with me, we're in a legitimate relationship. It isn't likely she is reblogging cheesy posts with someone else in mind. So yes, I saw posts. And it just made me so happy that I get an insight into how she feels about me through mass produced text posts cuz she isn't much of a talker. Plus tumblr describes a lot of stuff very beautifully. And then I reblogged stuff form her blog. Which is cool because it shows how we have the same kinda feels for each other and I'm just really happy. So yay. 

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