Wednesday, May 14, 2014

if I had gone to Disneyland, I wouldn't be having this problem

So I saw this sponsored ad on facebook for a travel writing internship. And all this while I've been whining about how I wanna travel and write so I was like wow perfect this is it destiny is calling. Well, the deadline is in 10 (now probably, 9) hours and here I am writing a blog post about how I have a block and how everything that I write is shit.
I thought I'd write about Czech. I went to Europe, I got lost, I drank a lot of beer, I made a lot of friends, I went bowling a lot, and I watched a Rachel McAdams movie alone in the theatre with Czech subtitles. But I mean sure I get can 2500 characters (including spaces!!) of decent material from my one month there. Or what about California? Shit ALWAYS goes down in California, how did nothing interesting happen there? There was fight around the block once, drunk kids throwing beer bottles at each other. the cops came and everything. That's about the most dramatic thing that happened. I even went to LA. Where I ate thanksgiving dinner at McDonalds cuz everything was shut.
im just not capable of fucken positivity right now what the fuck

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