Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting by

You know how in mean girls when Janice is telling Cady about the different tables. I'd be the one on desperate wannabees. I guess that's where everyone starts. But I'm not used to this. This might sound obnoxious but I was always the popular kid. I've never been used to people not knowing me. Let alone multilingual smart asses from across the world. And this hasn't been easy. Meeting new people is not as fun as these social people make it sound. It's hard work. Especially when you don't know where these people come from. What they term as annoying or cool. What their culture allows and what mine doesn't and vice versa.
I'd like to think I have friends here but this is different. And different takes a while to be good.
The only thing that keeps me going is that I chose this. I made a decision to come here and at one point I wanted this so bad and now it's happening and I'm here and I have to get through my insecurities and try to do the best I can at the very least.

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