Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Did you colour your hair?


I have literally lost count of how many times I've been asked this question. Or been told "Before I knew you I always thought you coloured your hair."
Really bitch, really? You've been going to the same school as me for 5 years. Seen my hair be brown for 5 years and now you decide to ask me whether I coloured my hair in 7th grade and kept it that way all this while?
Its really hard being a brunette in India. And most of the brunettes I know in India, usually have light eyes. So I guess the concept is, if you have light eyes you're a legit brunette. Otherwise you're not.
So this post has absolutely no point. None at all. Just to let people know that yes, I do naturally have brown hair. No, my parents do have brown hair. I don't know why I have brown hair. Yes, I am Indian. No, I've never lived anywhere but India. I'm sorry my hair isn't black but thats just how it is. You get gorgeous black hair and I'm stuck with a poop coloured mane.


  1. Let me tell you what happened. Brown hair is a recessive gene and Black Hair is dominant. So someone in your family from both sides probably had brown hair, your great grand father or great grand mother on both sides and this gene was passed down the generations but was not seen in your mom and dad because your mom and dad were only carriers, that is they had gene for black and brown but black is dominant so they had black hair. Now if both your parents were carriers, they both passed the gene for brown hair and since you have no gene for black hair, you display brown hair.

  2. Poop colored mane, priceless xD