Saturday, October 29, 2011


Well, a lot of my posts are about growing up & letting go of people.
Today I realised, I've let go of almost everyone. Every single person I used to call my 'best friend' two years ago is gone. With the exception of a few. I'd say 'with the exception of the few who will always remain'. But with everyone I've lost, I don't think I can say that.
& a few people, I can reason why I lost. Their girlfriend didn't approve of me. Or the only thing that kept us together changed. It may not make sense or seem like reason enough but at least its there. But some people, I really can't figure what went wrong. What I did. That made them cut me off.
& it makes me feel terrible about myself. People who called me their best friend don't bother to call for months. Don't bother to even make it to my 18th birthday.
& I'm usually the insensitive bitch. People presume that it won't make a difference to me. & that I'm strong. I'll get over it. & that I have enough people in my life to miss those few who go away. Truth is, I don't.
And I'm tired. Of fighting for everything in life.
Of losing people who promised they'd never ever leave.
It makes me sick. How easily priorities change. That has made me realise that I should really appreciate the ones who haven't.
Another meaningless rant. Gah :3


  1. Ughh :(
    Sorry I gotta dash off,so short comment.
    Been there. Felt that. Sucks so badly no :(
    But those "few" , hold them close <3 Never let 'em go!
    Take care hon
    Much love <3

  2. That's why I don't get anyone too close to me.
    Two best friends only.
    And we've been friends for 6 years.

    Don't worry Monstr.
    Its okay.
    Keep those few to a few only. :3

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