Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As we grow up, we loose a lot of people. There could be many reasons for why this happens.
When you were in 7th grade, you'll used to be best friends. He knew everything about you, he was allowed to read your personal diary, you'll were so tight everyone thought you'll were dating.
4 years later, you'll don't talk to each other for months.
You still love him, wish he does well. Would be there for him if there is anything that he needs. When you fight with the people you're closest to now, you'll turn to him for comfort, for love. For telling you that you've gone through far worse things in the past & you can make it through this.
But when something good happens, he might not be the first person you tell.
When you have a secret, you wouldn't mind him knowing. But being eager to confide in him, that feeling is gone.

People change. You're obviously not the same person that you were 5 years ago. You're changing. Maturing. Sorting out your priorities. Stuff like that. && somewhere along the way you've grown out of the things that kept you'll together. When it was the taste for similar music or being in the same school. You've left it behind & you don't find ways that would make you keep in touch as easily as you did before. It becomes more of a duty now. Something you do because the person is important.

There are people out there who I never, ever wanna loose. People who I've taken for granted, people I didn't notice before, people who I fucked things up with because of what I felt. There are also people who didn't like who or what I used to be but love me now, people who hurt me back then but regret it now. To all those people from my past. Who are drifting apart. Because I'm stupid & I don't realise how to value what I have until its gone.
I just have to tell you'll that I'm sorry. I really am. For being such a confused jackass. For being lost all the time. For crying about everything. For being irrational. And unreasonable.
Everytime I said I miss you guys, I truly meant it. Every single time.
This post, is just something to help me realise that I'm an idiot. & that I should be grateful to everyone who has stuck around for not giving up on me.

I'm sorry.

Much love,

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